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Here at BP&C Construction, we have had our doors open for over thirty years, and in that time, we’ve picked up mor than a few pointers in the world of construction. We’ve found the most effective and efficient ways of doing things are always informed by two core qualities: Communication and Safety.

Whether building  your 110 floor corporate masterpiece and ode to business or the sidewalk at your neighborhood’s play park, you can be assured that our professional services will be informed by our EIT, QBS, CEC and ENV SP certified engineers.

Communication is a pillar of any good relationship, so it is only natural for the relationships we aim to forge with our customers and teams to be built on this foundational pillar. 

The other essential pillar we build on here at BP&C Construction, is of course Safety. We understand that saftey is paramount. Not only safe for you, the projects we work on and the environment in which they live, but also safe for our workers and anyone that will come into contact with our work in the foreseeable future.